Selling or Not Selling my property Now?

Selling or Not Selling my property Now?

Selling or Not Selling my property Now?

Meet the experienced and listen to their advice...that's the Best you can do!

Many times we meet with potential property sellers and they ask us more or less the same questions.

“ Is now the right timing of selling my property? ”

“ Is now the property market ideal to promote my property for sale? ”

“ I am thinking to sell our property and move to a rental property, what’s your opinion? “

“ I want to downsize but I am not sure if is better to buy or rent a property “

That’s the first thing that we called to answer and explain to our clients when they don’t feel sure or they don’t know how or when to proceed and put their property for sale.

In such case we absolutely understand the concern of our friends/clients.  By using information – comparative property sales similar to what they have, we manage to help them to understand what the property market trend is, what the possibilities of selling are and what they can get.

Furthermore, having a long experience on property sales and receiving property inquiries from potential property buyers around the world, we can inform them from which countries we have more interest and what the interest will be for their property if we promote it through our company's professional network. 

As well, our team is well informed about the system and regulations of the Cyprus Banking System in relation to overseas banks - funds coming from abroad, and we can analyze the risks and obstacles we will face in case that the purchase funds are not already cleared in a Cyprus Bank.

In addition, having experience on property rentals we can assist and advise them how the situation will be in case they will move from a property that they own to a property where they will renting and be the tenants.

As a qualified and registered property valuers in Cyprus, in combination with our long experience on property sales - rentals and valuation, we provide you the needed information where will help you to eliminate this kind of concerns/uncertainty of selling or not selling your property.       

We will be happy to meet you in our office and having a conversation about your thoughts and concerns of selling your property. Although, if you prefer we can meet you at your property and having our discussion there. At the end of the day, the main thing is what makes you feel more comfortable.


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