Romios Rock in Paphos

Romios Rock in Paphos

The History of Romios Rock in Paphos


Romios Rock, also known as Petra tou Romiou and Aphrodite’s Rock, is a famous landmark that’s been regarded as the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, since ancient times. Whether you’re interested in the legends or not, this site is certainly a spectacular landmark – and one that’s well worth a visit for anyone who’s staying in or near Paphos.


The legend of the famous landmark


The impressive rock formation is believed to be where Aphrodite was born, although there are a few different variations of the story. According to legend, the birth of the beautiful goddess happened because Gaia (mother earth) asked Cronus to mutilate his father Uranus.


In one story, he cuts off his father’s testicles and throws them into the sea (and this is why the water here is thought to be rough). In another, Cronus ambushed his father and cut him below the waist with a scythe. Uranus tried to escape, but lost parts of his body in the sea.


After this, white foam appeared and a beautiful maiden arose. She was first taken to Kythera by the waves, before being brought to Cyprus. As you may have already guessed, she was the goddess Aphrodite.


Many popular myths claim that swimming around the rock three times will bring a number of blessings; including true love, fertility, eternal youth and beauty.


Why is it also known as Romios Rock?


Since this is the birthplace of Aphrodite (according to mythology), you may be wondering why it’s also called Romeo’s Rock. This is because the rock is also associated with another legend.


In this one, the local hero Basil, who was half Byzantine and half Arabic, hurled the rock from Troodos Mountain to keep off the invading Saracens. The rock was known as Petra tou Romiou, or in English, Rock of the Roman. As a result, as time has gone by, many English-speaking people have come to know it as Romios Rock.


Things to do at Aphrodite’s Rock


If you plan to spend a day sightseeing and exploring in Paphos, taking a trip to Romeo’s Rock is a must. The famous formation can be found off the shore along the road from Paphos to Limassol, so be sure to stop by and take in the beauty of this breath-taking site.


Unfortunately, you won’t be able to swim in the sea, as the waters in this region are usually very rough. It’s also worth noting that cliff climbing here is also prohibited, too. So, what can you do here? Aside from taking in the wonderful view from the top and the spectacular landmark itself, there are plenty of great restaurants nearby.


There’s also the serene pebble beach in the area – and the beautiful sight of the sunlit waters during the day and romantic views during sunsets are more than worth a visit.

Romios Rock - Paphos, Cyprus

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