Residency in Cyprus after Brexit

Residency in Cyprus after Brexit

British People Residency in Cyprus after Brexit

From the 1st January 2021, British people can visit Cyprus without the need to request a visa. For each visit they can stay 90 days.

If they wish to secure a residence permit and stay longer (more than 90 days) then they need to proceed with the following steps:

1.       Attend to the local Immigration office ,in person, with their passports and request and appointment for residence status,

2.       The Officer will give them an appointment, the relevant  residence form/ application and  a list of the required papers when going back,

3.       Normally  it is required that  they provide:

-  evidence about their residence in Cyprus(Purchase or Rental)

- evidence about their income,

-  evidence about the balance in their Cypriot  bank account,

-  health insurance coverage in Cyprus 

- photographs

- a small fee

The above status is called temporary  residence status and it is renewable.

For British people who wish to stay permanently in Cyprus it is optional to apply to the Chief Immigration officer for permanent residence status  called category F. 

This is an application that it is advisable to be lodged once the applicants secure the temporary residence status.

The required papers again relate to the income of the applicants, their residence status in Cyprus, health insurance coverage.

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