Property Structural Survey in Cyprus

Property Structural Survey in Cyprus

What is the Property Structural Survey ?

A property structural survey is a detailed inspection of a property’s condition / quality. The property survey is a report produced by our experts - qualified civil engineers and architects. The surveyor inspects the property and tells you if there are structural problems like unstable walls or subsidence, roof leaking, property foundation issues etc. They will highlight any major repairs or alterations needed, such as fixing the roof or chimney chute and they will provide you a price range related to the cost of their repair. The report from the surveyor also provides expert commentary on the property, from the type of wall to the type of glazing.

Purpose of the property structural survey

The property survey aims to:

1.       Help you make a reasoned and informed decision when purchasing the property, or when planning for repairs, maintenance or  upgrading of the property.

2.       Provide detailed advice on condition.

3.       Describe the identifiable risk of potential or hidden defects.

4.       Where practicable and agreed, provide an estimate of costs for identified repairs and make recommendations as to any further actions or advice which need to be obtained before committing to purchase.

About the inspection procedure

We inspect the inside and outside of the main building and all permanent outbuildings. We also inspect the parts of the electricity, gas/oil, water, heating, drainage and other services that can be seen, but these are not tested other than normal operation in everyday use. Hence, the report results are limited to eye observations made on site.

We visually inspect roofs, chimneys and other surfaces on the outside of the building from ground level and, if necessary, from neighboring public property and with the help of binoculars.

As a conclusion, the Property Structural Survey will allows you to understand better the cost of your investment and keep you aware and well informed about any after-sale expenses related to repairs.  In addition, the Structural Survey will support the stage of the property  price negotiation in case that the property needs some additional costs for repairs. 



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